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  • General Handbook, go here
  • Calling Specific Handbooks, go here
  • My Calling, Callings & Training, go here
  • Stake Vision & Priorities, go here
  • Protecting Children & Youth, go here
  • Leader & Clerk Resources, go here
  • Organization Training, go here
  • Utah Area Vision & Priorities, go here

Stake & Ward Secretaries:

Stake & Ward History Specialists:




  • Purpose of the stake website, go here
  • Stake & Ward Website Introduction & Instruction, go here (Create a web app)
  • Stake Technology Website Training (Contact a member of the Stake Technology team or Stake Organization Secretary or the Stake Clerk)
  • Stake Technology Support, go here (For all stake technology needs please log in and submit a request through the tech support page. For ward technology needs contact your ward technology specialist)
  • Church Policies on Internet, website and social media use General Handbook 38.8.20, go here


  • Standard Reimbursement Form, go here (all leaders & members of Wards & the Stake use this form and email or turn into finance clerks with receipts. alternatively leaders may use the expense option on LCR)
  • Fundraiser Donation Information, go here




Utah Area Website

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For the latest updates, go here.