Inviting all to Receive the Gospel

Elder Fiame & Elder Anderson

Contact Information: Phone 435-703-8290, Email 464260655@missionary.org

Contact your ward mission leader to sign up for a missionary visit or call the Elders direct

Utah Saint George Mission: Spanish Speaking Full time missionaries assigned to the Crimson Ridge West Stake

Spanish Speaking Missionaries

Elder Thurman & Elder Kingrey

Contact Information: Phone 435-680-0252, Email 500383115@missionary.org

Crimson Ridge West Stake Vision

Inviting all to Receive the Gospel

Members will:

1. Develop the capacity to love like the Savior loves. (Alma 26:37)

​Share with confidence their faith in God.  (Alma 36:24; 3 Nephi 18:24-25)

Invite others to come and see.

2. Seek opportunities to invite family members, friends and others to experience the joy of the restored gospel.

(John 1:37-39,45-46)

Measurable Actions: to enhance efforts in “inviting all to receive the gospel”:

​a. Study the Book of Mormon daily.

​b. Pray weekly for missionary experiences.

​c. Participate in temple worship monthly.

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