Copper Cliffs Elders Quorum

Copper Cliffs Ward Elders Quorum Presidency

Upcoming Activities and Events

***First Saturday of the Month is Ward Temple Day** Invite a friend from the ward!!

May 18th – Ward BBQ at Sullivan Park! Food, Games and much more!

Spiritual Thought

“Nothing will help you more to hold fast to the iron rod, nothing will protect you more, nothing will sooth you more, nothing will open the heavens more than worshipping in the Temple” President Nelson.

Elders Quorum Lesson Topics

May 12th – TBD

May 19th- TBD.

May Birthdays

Derrick Udy

Hunter Housley

Dustin John

Michael Clark

Clint Comer

Blake Hansen aka Bishop Hansen

Jon Yorgason

Justin Ence

Chris Beykirch

Chad Palmer

Connor Mitchell

Hiromi Dale Sayama

Triston Steinman

Kye Bartholomew