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52 Stories–hints to help you write your personal history–one story a week

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20 Ways to Do Family History in 5 Minutes a Day

Link to FamilySearch on “Getting the Most out of RootsTech Connect 2021”:

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The New York Times article, “Stories That Bind Us”:

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BYU’s Family History Technology Lab:

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The Family History Guide:

Elder Dallin H. Oaks June 1989 Ensign article “Family History: In Wisdom and in Order”:

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Family Activities

  1. Find ancestor(s) who need Temple ordinances and do them
  2. Add photos, stories, documents, or audio files to the Memories section on my family tree
  3. Take a family history class at the Family History Center
  4. Check out and do some of the “Family History Activities” on the FamilySearch website: or on the Family Tree App
  5. Install and learn how to use the Family Tree app on a phone, tablet, and/or computer Start writing a family history (there are guides and booklets online)
  6. Start writing a personal history
  7. Digitize family histories, journals, diaries, etc.
  8. Digitize and organize family photos and/or slides
  9. Digitize audio recordings of family members and/or ancestors
  10. Digitize video recordings of family members and/or ancestors
  11. Post some of these digitized items on the FamilySearch Memories page
  12. Set a goal as a family how many times per week, per month, or per year to attend the temple
  13. Get DNA test done to find out where ancestors came from
  14. Interview a living ancestor. Make a video recording of their stories (using available interview questions) 
  15. Attend one of more Saturday Seminars at a Family History Library–when they resume again
  16. Ask for help finding ancestors who need temple ordinances 
  17. Ask for help with any other Family History/Temple activities
  18. Learn what family history software is available, choose a program, learn to use it, and build a family tree.
  19. Participate in Indexing for a certain amount of time each day or week. Do other Family History activities that you are interested in that are not listed here